Monday, January 25, 2016

The Final Journey- Leaving Haiti

Its been a month since I left Port au Prince- ahead of the storm that is Haiti elections.
A bit of winter weather delayed my return to Portland by a week due to traveling with my dog but it allowed for an adjustment to temperature and a bit of rest and relaxation and Christmas with my son. 
Now in Portland, it is a different reality. It’s winter, gray and rainy, cold. At least in comparison. Hot chocolate, a fire, layers of clothing and family keep me warm. 
I wake early, usually about 5:30, lay listening to nothing really- no roosters are crowing, no dogs are barking, no horns are honking. I don’t hear the village begin the day in the silence and darkness of my house, but only in my heart do I know that music. 
I take Jak for walks and to the dog park (when its not raining- she also doesn’t really like the rain) and find myself talking to her in Kreyol.  She doesn’t listen well in either language but she likes going to the park. 
I continue to get news from my friends and colleagues in Haiti, their messages of ‘you miss us’ tugs at the heart strings- I do miss many of them.  They have taught me much these past years, least of which is humility and grace, kindness and to count your blessings. I promised I would come back to visit and they promised to visit me. 

It remains to be seen  what is next up on this adventure but for sure it will have to be big to equal life in Haiti. However, right now I’m not looking for big, just time to get re-acquainted with my family and friends, my neighborhood and city. While I am doing that I still need to find a job, and find my place. Life is different here. Unimportant things are made more important, time is expensive and one has to stop at all red lights. 

Noel and me

Lade and me

Jak in her travel home

The remainder of 6 years possessions. 

                                                            Jak relaxing
                                                             Alise and Tamara
                                                            Leaving can be difficult
                                                     Jak adjusting to a new life...
                                                     new weather.....
                                                     and potential new friends at the dog park.
                                                              Sunrise this morning as I was going to attempt a fitness class... and I can hardly move tonight. 

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cathie hauritz said...

Gail I already know how much our team will miss your friendly face, your knowledge and expertise when we arrive in Haiti. Please know how much you will be missed! I hope you'll find happiness in Portland.